This September: A Time to Remember. A Time to Prepare

This September is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and as we take time to remember those lost, it is also a time to make sure you are prepared for future emergencies.

As we recover from Hurricane Irene and the record flooding, as we see on the news tornado outbreaks, wild fires, historic earthquakes, tsunamis and power outages, this September please take time to prepare and plan in the event you must go for three – five days without electricity, water service, access to a supermarket, or local services for several days.

There are three basic steps to follow:

  1. Get a Kit: Keep enough supplies on hand for you and those in your care, as well as your pets – water, flashlights, batteries, food.
  2. Make a Plan: Discuss, agree on, and document an emergency plan with those in your care. Work together with neighbors, colleagues and others to build community resilience.
  3. Be informed: There are many resources to help prepare. updates preparedness resources and links to many other government agencies. Follow us on and for emergency information and updates.