Check Your Coverage During National Preparedness Month

Check Your Coverage During National Preparedness Month

The third week of National Preparedness Month (NPM) 2018 begins on Sunday, September 16. Each week NPM focuses on a different action.

The theme for September 16-22 is, “Check Your Coverage.” Most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance does not cover flood damage. Safeguard your valuable assets with the following steps from the Ready Campaign:

  • Check your insurance coverage. You may need more coverage based on any new purchases, additions, or increases in property value.
  • Review the Document and Insure Your Property guide.
  • Save important documents to the cloud and snap photos of belongings to help file a claim.
  • Keep an inventory of your property’s contents.
  • Learn more about flood insurance and how to protect your home or business.

Take action to prepare this September. Join the National Day of Action on September 15.

You can find more including the NPM social media toolkit at