7 Ways You Can Step into Spring Safely!

7 Ways You Can Step into Spring Safely!       Although we had some late March snow storms, it’s now officially spring! The additional daylight hours and warmer temperatures encourage more of us to spend time playing, walking and jogging outdoors. We should be extra vigilant to ensure the streets are safe for everyone especially as we walk to our destinations.

Safe Walking Tips:

  1. Use Crosswalks. When no crosswalks are present, cross from corner to corner. Do not cross mid-block or between parked vehicles.
  2. Wait for the walk. If there is no traffic signal, make sure it’s clear to cross. Look left, right and then left again before crossing.
  3. If there are no sidewalks, walk against traffic so drivers can see you more clearly.
  4. Avoid distractions. Heads up, phones down. If you’re looking at your phone you may not see a car approaching.
  5. Be seen! Although we have more daylight hours in the evenings, the mornings tend to be darker so opt for a bright or reflective accessory or article of clothing so people driving and on bicycles can see you.
  6. Watch out for potholes and uneven sidewalks which tend to be more common after the harsh, fluctuating temperatures in the wintertime.
  7. Be prepared for sun glare in the evening hours by wearing a visor or sunglasses. This will help you see oncoming traffic more easily.

Remember to be safe, be seen and be alert. We are all pedestrians!

TransOptions is a Transportation Management Association that works with municipalities to improve pedestrian safety. For more information, please visit www.transoptions.org