Target Health 2017

Efforts to prevent disease, help people lead healthier lives, and end health disparities includes a focus on chronic disease. Heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, chronic lung diseases account for most deaths in the United States. They are the major drivers of sickness, disability and health care costs in the nation.

Much of the chronic disease burden is attributable to a short list of key risk factors and most adults have one or more:

  • High blood pressure.Target Health 2017
  • Tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Obesity (high body mass index).
  • Physical inactivity.
  • Excessive alcohol use.
  • Diets low in fruits and vegetables.
  • Diets high in sodium and saturated fats.

Making small changes is a good way to start. Choose one or two risk factors and decide what change is best for you. For tips, visit our Healthy You section of the website.