Contagion A Movie Public Health A Reality

The movie “Contagion” opens today, September 9, and fictionalizes the world’s emergency response to a novel respiratory disease outbreak.

The film’s writers talked with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientists as they developed the idea for the movie. CDC does not endorse or promote any commercial products. The premise of the film and some scenes are quite credible and the movie does demonstrate some of the public health response to a contagious disease.

Each day public health agencies, from CDC to your municipal health department protect the community in a variety of ways.

Saving Lives
CDC doctors, scientists, researchers and public health professionals work around the world to fight disease, confront disaster and prevent death from environmental hazards. Read more…

Protecting People
Responding to health threats, preventing chronic disease and injuries, helping communities recover fro disaster – it’s all in a day′s work at CDC. Read more…

Saving Money Through Prevention
Safeguarding the health of Americans where they work live and play is the core of CDC′s mission. Being good stewards of America’s public health investment is critical to that mission′s fulfillment. Read more…